Young Men's Camp.jpg

Young Men's Camp

4th - 8th Grades 

July 25th - July 29th

Check-in: Sunday, July 25th @ 3pm

Check-out: Thursday, July 29th   @ 7pm

Young men will learn what it takes to be a Godly man and have fun enjoying the many activities RLCA offers! Join Josh and his crew as they teach about Jesus.

Dean's Bio: Josh Antonopulos

Josh hails from Grand Rapids, but has spent the last 15 years wandering around Lansing looking for good fishing spots. Alli has been by his side for the last 14 years and their parent skills have been honed over the last 9 years with the help of Gabe and Zoe.


Young Men’s camp began taking shape during the week of “All Boys Camp” during the summer of 2010. What if these guys weren’t just boys? What if a week of camp could help them take steps in faith to grow into godly young men? The last decade of camp has shown that it’s possible to help these guys grow, tackle serious real life issues and get them into God’s Word in meaningful ways.  


During the offseason, Josh serves as the Children’s & Family Minister at South Lansing Christian Church. Just for fun, he fishes whenever he can, watches Phineas & Ferb reruns and listens to as much Swedish power metal as he can.