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Below is a list of volunteer opportunities. Check out the projects and, if you can help, contact the camp office at 989-268-5377 or Grab a group of friends and spend some time serving at Rock Lake Christian Assembly!
  1. Bell Cottage: power wash and stain the deck
  2. Lodges: tighten log bolts
  3. Lodges: upgrade to LED lighting
  4. Wilderness: build benches
  5. Kimberling Hall: drywall (mud & final sanding)
  6. Kimberling Hall: power wash & stain fire escape
  7. Welcome Center: upgrade to LED lighting
  8. New Property: install fencing
  9. Campfire: build benches
  10. Warrior Course: power wash & stain
  11. rebuild picnic tables
  12. cut slabwood
  13. split & stack firewood
  14. stain picnic tables
  15. sew quilts for cottages
  16. make bags for cornhole boards
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