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Rocky Mountain Backpack Trip July 20th - July 29th

Rocky Mountain Backpack.jpg

***Check-in: Saturday, July   20th    @ 4pm***

***Check-out: Monday, July 29th    @ 7pm***

Students will make their way out to the beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado, where they will enjoy backpacking the Rocky Mountains. During this time students will be challenged as they ascend the mountain. They'll also be discipled in their faith as they tackle who they are as children of God. Tents and backpacks are provided for students. We hope you'll join us on this exciting adventure.

Deans' Bio: Dale Lautzenheiser

Dale serves as the preaching minister at the Country Christian Church in Lapeer, MI. Dale and his wife Jackie have served together in ministry for a number of years. Dale has served in camp ministry during his years at the West Lansing Church of Christ and we are excited to have his experience back with us once again this year. During Dale's years as youth minister, he took his youth group on this same Rocky Mountain trip and saw such growth amongst his students that he was eager to revive the trip for another generation of students. 

Dale L.jpg


Kelli Drongowski.jpg

Guide: Kellie Drongowski

Kellie and her sister Samantha (also in picture) grew up at the West Lansing Church of Christ in Dale's family ministry. Kellie made this Rocky Mountain trip as a student and also a few times now as a guide. Kellie is also certified as both a Lifeguard and as a Health Officer for this trip. We are looking forward to having Kellie as one of our guides for this great new summer session!

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