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Pathfinder  Camp
July 23rd-28th

Check-in: Sunday, July 23rd   @ 3pm

Check-out: Friday, July    28th   @ 4pm

Rock Lake offers a Pathfinder camp for students in 5th-8th grade. Pathfinder is a fantasy tabletop roleplay game where you create a character with a unique skillset and a Game master leads you as you embark on a variety of quests with other characters/ players.  

a pack list for pathfinder camp will be emailed at a later date

Deans' Bio: AJ Miller

AJ and his wife Michelle attend the South Lansing Christian Church where they serve as youth sponsors for the Jr. High ministry. AJ grew attending Rock Lake summer camps and served as summer staff after graduation. Since then he's volunteered as faculty for Young Men's Camp where he served in a variety of roles. AJ is very experienced as a Pathfinder Game Master and is looking forward to sharing his passion for fantasy role play gaming with like-minded students. This is AJ's first time leading a camp on his own.  

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