5th & 6th Grade Wilderness Camp
August 7th-12th

Check-in:   Sunday, August 7th @ 3pm

Check-out:   Thursday, August 12th @ 7pm

5th & 6th Wilderness.jpg

Fifth & Sixth Grade Wilderness Week is for students who enjoy the outdoors and activities in that vein. The activities students will participate in are as followed: canoeing, fishing, kayaking, archery and shooting range, star-gazing, etc. 

The students will also be able to prepare their own meals over open fire and partake in the whole camping experience by sleeping in tents. This week will be one that gets students to truly experience God as they spend it among His creation in nature and are not distracted by their modern technologies. Your student will be glad that they attended and won’t want to go home following this great week of fun and learning.

Dean Bio: Adam Carver

My name is Adam Carver and I am the Associate Minister of Youth and Families at Vestaburg Church of Christ. I have been in this position since 2010 when my family moved to Vestaburg, Michigan. My wife, Lois (former RLCA camper), and I have been married since 2006 and have four children; Cora, Jude, Eden, and Hana. I have been dean for 5/6 Grade Wilderness starting in 2015 alongside my family. I truly enjoy this week of camp because I love being outdoors and spending all the time in God’s creation. I have been involved in several other weeks of camps since being here. I am on faculty for High School week and have helped with Jr High week in the past. I am also one of the Archery Instructors for the camp so I am on site for various weeks throughout the summer as well as other camp events. I have spent most of my life working with children and assisting them in their growth with God and personal faith. I cannot think of a better place to invest in the lives of the next generation for Christ than camp at Rock Lake Christian Assembly.