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July 16th  - 21st

Check-in: Sunday, July 16th   @ 3pm

Check-out: Friday, July 21st    @ 4pm

What is the word of God? What does it mean that God speaks? What is God's word for your life? Our High School 2 camp will answer these questions as we journey through the story of God's word all while having fun, worshiping, making new friends, and lasting memories!

Dean's Bio: Matt barnum

Matt Barnum worships with the Duplain Church of Christ where he serves as Associate Minister working with Student Ministries. Matt is a graduate of Great Lakes Christian College where he was blessed to meet his beautiful wife, Samantha. Matt and Sam are foster parents and enjoy meeting the needs of vulnerable children. In his spare time, Matt enjoys all things Michigan football, board games, deep conversations (especially about the Bible and the Church), and time spent in community with good friends and his family. 

Matt has served as co-dean for our High School 2 Camp the past couple years and he is excited to serve in this new role. 

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