July 21 - 26

Check-in: Sunday, July 21st    @ 3pm

Check-out: Friday, July 26th @ 7pm

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This year with the growing student body, we have added a second High School Camp. This camp will be different from High School 1 led by Matthew Brooks. 

It is easy to get caught up in a gold star world. We are taught that achievement is necessary to be successful. We are inundated with rules in our youth to show us how to reach success. If we aren't careful, our faith can become the same thing. We can get caught up in rules and achievement, thinking that it is the path to salvation. While daily devotion, prayer, fellowship, weekly attendance, communion, abstaining from libation, etc... are good things, checking these off a list doesn't help you to achieve salvation. We are going to examine what it truly means to be "FREE IN CHRIST".

Dean: Tim St. Louis

I, Tim St. Louis, am serving as dean for the High School 2 Camp. I typically serve in the role as Camp Director but they let me loose for a week to take on this role as dean. Pam, my wife, and I are active members of the St. Louis Church of Christ where we coach Bible Bowl and I serve as a youth sponsor. I am the father of three kids, Bella -14, David - 8, and Lilli - 7. We look forward to this opportunity to minister to students this summer. 

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