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Young Women's     4th -   8th     Grade    Camp
June 23rd - June 28th

This camp is for young women in 4th - 8th grades. Students enjoy a variety of traditional "camp" activities like swimming and using the gun and archery ranges while also having a fancy evening with tea and dancing. The girls are also challenged and encouraged by relevant teaching and biblical instruction.


Check-in: Sunday, June 23rd @ 3pm

Check-out:  Friday, June 28th @ 4pm

Dean's Bio: Pam St. Louis

Pam St. Louis spends most the summer ministering as RLCA's Food Service Manager, keeping busy cooking delicious meals for campers and faculty. She also serves as the Dean of Young Women's Camp! She is married to Tim St. Louis, is the mother of Bella, David, and Lilli, and has studied at Great Lake Christian College and Cincinnati Christian University. As members of the St. Louis Church of Christ, Pam serves as a part of the Worship Team. In addition to teaching God's Word, she enjoys playing her ukulele, reading, and spending time with her family. Pam is excited to bring the Bible alive for our Young Women campers!

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