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Kindergarten & 1st Grade Camp
June 14th - 15th 

This camp is a 1 night and 2 day camp where one adult stays with the camper. During this camp session we want to help students acclimate to the camp routine with the help and security of a parent or grandparent alongside them. With an adult staying overnight the registration fee will be $75 total for the pair. Space is limited!

We must have all forms completed for this camp by

May 24th. 

Check-in:   Friday, June 14th @ 7pm

Check-out:   Saturday, June 15th @ 4pm

Dean's Bio: Rhonda Gilbert

Rhonda is a member of the McBride Church of Christ and has served for many years as a teacher in the Montabella school district. She loves spending time with her daughter April and her grandsons Hank and Colin. Rhonda and her husband Don(deceased) served together to launch our 1st Grade Camp and Rhonda has also worked at our 2nd & 3rd Grade Camp, 3rd Grade, 5th & 6th Grade, and Young Women's camps through the years. This last year she also served as Dean of our First Chance Camp for 2nd-4th Grade students and parents as well.  Rhonda is looking forward to serving Dean of our Kindergarten / 1st Grade Camp session again this year. Throughout the summer Rhonda can also be found helping out in the Kitchen where she volunteers on a regular basis.

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