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Help Us Pack The Pantry


Once again this year we are asking for your help to “pack the pantry”.  This is a great opportunity for everyone to be involved in the ministry of the assembly.  As you can imagine, food purchases to feed all the campers and faculty is very expensive. By helping to “pack the pantry” you can help keep that cost down.  Simply pick up some of the items listed below and then make sure they get here by the 1st of June.  It is that simple! Why not organize a “pack the pantry” drive and help the assembly cut some cost in 2023. 


Gift Cards

Gordon Food Service



#10 Cans


Mandarin Oranges


Pineapple Tidbits

Nacho Cheese

Refried Beans

Pudding (Chocolate, Vanilla, Lemon)



Pie Filing (Cherry, Apple, Etc.)

Baked Beans

No Green Beans Please!!!

#5 Cans

Chicken Broth

Cream of Chicken Soup

Bottled Goods

Prego Spaghetti Sauce (Traditional or Meat)

Dill Pickle Slices


Dry Goods



Pasta (Penne or Rotini)

Individual Mayo Packets

Individual Mustard Packets

Individual Ketchup Packets

Please no small or "normal" size canned goods. They are difficult to store and use in the large kitchen setting. Thanks for helping to “pack the pantry”.

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