Young Women's Wilderness.jpg

Young Women's    Wilderness   
5th-8th  Grades 
July 31st - August 5th

Check-in: Sunday, July 31st   @ 3pm

Check-out: Friday, August 5th   @ 7pm

Young women in Grades 5th-8th can enjoy the challenges of sleeping in tents and cooking over a fire during this great camp session. Students will also get to participate in team building, our ninja warrior course, archery, riflery, swimming, and kayaking during this great week of camp!

These young women will also be challenged in their faith and understanding of Scripture during this great wilderness camp session!

Dean's Bio: Jane Gordon

While serving for many years as faculty at various RLCA camp sessions, this is Jane's first year as dean! Jane is a retired DNR officer and a member of West Lansing Church of Christ. She enjoys teaching others about the majesty of God's creation, assisting at a homeless shelter, and traveling on mission trips with HOPE2, LAWN, and Shepherd's Purse. We are looking forward to seeing how God uses Jane in this new role.