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Dining Hall Supervisor Needed

The camp is in need of a food supervisor for 2016. This individual will be responsible for developing and maintaining a healthy menu for each week of camp, placing food orders each week for those menues and minsuring that all meals are ready for campers each day. This individual must have completed a "safe food handler" course or be willing to attend this course and sucessfully pass it. As the dining hall supervisor you will be responsible meeting and passing the annual health inspection by the county inspector. And you will oversee 3 or 4 summer staff who will assist you in your duties.

If this sounds like something you might like to do please pray for wisdom and guidance and God's leading in this rewarding minitry. If you feel God calling you here please click the link below. Fill out the form and submit it and the camp director will contact you and see if you might be the next dining hall supervisoe for Rock Lake Christian Assembly.


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