September 4
Hi & Shelly Gates Memorial 

for RLCA Camper Scholarships

Interested in doing the 5k as a fund raiser?


The registration fee is waived for those that raise at least $30. 

5k shirt design 2021.jpg

·         Check-in from 7:30am to 8:30am the day of the race. Race starts at 9:00am.

·         Refreshments after race.

·         Entry Fee is $20.

·         A tech t-shirt may be purchased for $10. Order by August 15th to guarantee your size.

·         The course consists of paved roads, dirt roads, and trails. There will be snacks and refreshments available after the race.

·         This can be done as a virtual event, participating wherever you want at your convenience! Whether it’s around your own neighborhood or hit the trails or even on the treadmill. Simply complete the distance between now and September 4, 2021. Submit your results to  If you order a shirt, we will mail that to you after September 4th.

The RLCA 5k is named in honor of Hi & Shelly Gates. Hi Gates was our Camp Director from 1972-1991 and Shelly spent many summers as our Aquatics Supervisor. Both are fondly remembered as servants of Christ.
The Gates Children have shared a story exemplifying their father’s servant attitude, which is serving as the theme of this year’s 5K, “In HIS Steps”.


As Camp Director, Dad was accustomed to the unusual requests of Camp Deans and worked to accommodate those requests. One particular request stands out to daughter Amy (Gates) Milliman. With short notice amidst as stressful week, it was requested that a military style scaling wall be built for the campers. And to add to the stress, Dad was deathly afraid of heights. But he did it without complaints; he didn’t even blink. On a relatively cool day, as Dad was wrapping up the wall, he came into the Dining Hall dripping wet; being up on that ladder was causing him to sweat bullets. As he was sipping his water, yet another request was made of the exhausted Camp Director. Amy saw red. She jumped to Dad’s defense and started yelling at the volunteer. Dad grabbed Amy and marched her into the stairwell near the kitchen. In a very short statement, he said “we are servants” and that if he could reach even one child for God in building that wall, he would climb the ladder every day. Dad was willing to be uncomfortable for those campers. He was willing to serve in any way possible if it meant leading people to Christ. Amy has never forgotten the lesson: We are servants of God.


Her brother, Craig Gates, challenges us to remember 1Peter 2:21. “To this you were called, because Christ suffered for you, leaving you an example, that you should follow in his steps.” May we, like Hi & Shelly Gates, be servants of Christ. May we walk in HIS steps.