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College Camp

June 3rd - 6th

Check-in: Thursday, June 3rd    @ 7pm

Check-out: Sunday, June 6th   @ 11am

When a certain, selfish mentality is engrained in us from birth, it’s hard to change. Which is what makes the gospel so revolutionary. The gospel message comes face to face with a world that says, “This is the way it is. Just deal with it.” But the gospel says, “No. That’s not the way it is. That’s not the way it has to be. Things can be different.”

Dean's Bio: Greg Stauffer

Greg Stauffer served thirty years as a minister; 20 as a youth minister and 5 as a lead pastor and 5 as a church planter. He currently works for Great Lakes Christian College as the Vice President of Enrollment Management. Greg has a long history with Rock Lake Christian Assembly. His Great Grandparents were instrumental in the beginnings of the Camp, 100 years ago. His father got homesick his only week of camp and went home after two days, even though he lived a little over 100 yards from the camp. Greg was Camper of the Week in his first week of camp in third grade and was a camper throughout his high school years. He was the Dean for First Chance Camp for several years. This year Greg is back to start a new camp program: College Camp. He is married to Debra, his better half, for sure. He has three adult children, one of which is the Assistant Dean for College Weekend. He plays competitive tennis, hunts, gardens, and loves to hike and canoe.

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